We Can Make it Happen for You!

Estate sales large & small tailored to your needs

We Can Make it Happen for You!

Estate sales large & small tailored to your needs

Estate Sale Services in Chicago and its Suburbs and Southwest, FL



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  • No Out of Pocket Costs
  • Over 20 yrs. experience
  • Estate Sales contract tailored to your special needs
  • Estate Sales Liability Insurance 
  • Getting the right buyers to show up

Estate Sale Services

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  • Computerized Item Research
  • Sale Advertisement and Social Media on the Internet
  • Customer Notification from Our Email Database
  • Estate Sale Internet Picture Gallery
  • Special Arrangements Made For Large Item Pickups
  • Total Clean out After the Sale If Prearrange
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Testimonials By Our Clients

Dear Gina & everyone-

Just a short note of thanks for all your hard work to handle our estate sale. We were pleasantly surprised upon returning home after the Charity Truck had come and gone, the house,the basement,and the garage look like new again! May God richly bless you all for the service that you do.

Diane Rossiter
Downers Grove

My family and I had the pleasure of booking Gina Pleshar (Remember That Estate Sales) to do an estate sale for my second cousin. Much to our surprise, Gina and her family turned out to be the best thing that happened to us at this house. They were very organized and after much of their hard work, the house slowly began to come together.
They did a three day sale and afterwards, Gina made arrangements to have a charity pick up the remaining items. When we walked in, we were so pleased at what was accomplished. Gina's paperwork listing the items sold was very well detailed and accurate. We felt she was a very honest person with a great personality. 

Thanks for an excellent job done. We are glad to give Gina and her crew a glowing recommendation.

Annette & Lee 
Darien, IL

Our comments are the same as Annette & Lee on
6/10 -- Gina and husband George were great. We found them on relatively
short notice in order to close early. They helped us immensely, esp. Gina.
Personable, quick contacts, fair, accommodating to us, left the house clean,
and we made some money! We were totally pleased.

Thank you, Gina!

Nancy & Charlie
 Darien, IL

Thank you so much for everything. Our sale was done with such ease on our part. Your company did everything from start to finish and we couldn't have had such an easy transition without you. I would recommend you to anybody I know and anyone who is contemplating having an estate sale. I rarely meet someone with your work ethic and honesty and it was very refreshing.
Gina & Michael P
Hinsdale, IL

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am to you & your staff for doing such a wonderful job for my mom's estate sale. I didn't have to worry about anything. Being out of state, I didn't know where to start and you not only took care of it, but kept me up to date on the goings on of setting up the sale, to the progress of how the sale was going. It was the one thing I didn't have to worry about with her estate.
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! You guys are the best!
Susie Beck
Wheaton, Il

WOW! We were so pleased with the professionalism and 
ease at which this sale was handled. Gina and her staff made our lives so 
much easier. We were unsure how to handle and find the time to move out 
my mothers belongings...Gina did it all! Went through everything for us, 
set it up, priced it, conducted and great sale, and cleaned out the whole
house. A process that would have taken us a year. Not to mention, it
would have been difficult to handle on our own physically and mentally. 
She is a pro! They knew their stuff-old and new! We didn't have to lift a 
finger-just cash a check for my mother. 
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

Andrea Pletzke
Westchester, Il


Dear Gina and staff at Remember That;

Thanks for a great Estate Sale. You took care of EVERYTHING from 
start to finish and did it with a polite, professional, and people 
friendly attitude that made my family feel special. Because of what a
great job you did we will be using you for all our estate needs in the 
future and we know what to expect. A GREAT SALE!

Mark Karambelas and Family
Westchester, Il

I think in my case Gina offers an excellent service and I am very relieved she is out there. I called a number of places before I found her. Cleaning out your parents home can be an overwhelming task. It is not just a matter of being organized. It is also a great emotional task which I found very difficult. Many items bring back memories. The items you choose to keep is not the difficult part. It is the items you know you need to part with. How do you dispose of them and how much is a fair price to sell them for? How do you organize a sale? How do you advertise to make sure people come? How do you haul (and how much will it cost you) to dispose of the items you can't sell and need to dispose of - particularly the large items. How do you find the time to do all of this if you are working and caring for others? The emotional part of it all is very difficult to put into words.
I found Gina to be tremendous! She stayed in touch, was organized, efficient and did everything she said she would. Her network on the internet is much larger than my attempts at advertising would be. Financially, I would not call it the sale of a lifetime but I did not end up with headaches trying to figure out where to take items to dispose of them or paying fees for dumping items - and we did make a little money.

Nancy O'Brien 
Joliet, IL

Dear Gina,
Ken and I would like to thank you so for the wonderful job you did with the Estate Sale for our fathers home. We couldn't have done it without you and your associates.
We will highly recommend you to family and friends in the future. Thank you again.

Ken and Claudia Forsberg
Elmhurst, IL

My wife and I needed to eliminate over 12 years of accumulated “stuff” in order to be able to list our home for sale. It was a daunting challenge as we are “pack rats” and rarely throw anything, (and I mean anything) out. Our basement was so crammed with photography gear, musical instruments, camping gear, electronics, darkroom equipment, Christmas decorations, books, records, tape cassettes, baseball hats (hundreds), and a lot more minutiae. We could barely walk thru the 1200 sq. foot basement.  In addition, my wife had collected hundreds of pieces of costume jewelry, watches, etc.

We thought about having our own “garage sale,” but the volume of stuff was simply overwhelming. It was impossible for us to imagine that we could somehow haul all that stuff up into the garage, arrange it, advertise it, then conduct all the transactions. THEN clean up and return everything that didn’t sell. Also, when you set your own price on objects that may “mean” something to you, you will never sell it. We decided we needed a pro.

We contacted Remember That Estate Sales and Gina Pleshar came over to meet with us.  She toured the house and sat down with us and came up with a plan which allowed us three weeks to go thru our stuff and pack away anything we wanted to keep.  Once that was done (no mean chore I assure you) Gina and her crew came in to organize, separate and price everything.  We were amazed at her organization and ability to “stage” our high-end stuff while keeping all the minutiae available. The sale lasted three days and Gina brings in a top notch group of people to oversee the sale, keep people away from private areas of your house, and keep things moving as items are sold. Security was excellent and her people are as friendly as the day is long. At the end of the sale, Gina brings in a Charity for Children group and they remove everything you don’t want to keep. When she was done, the place was empty and looked like the day we moved in 12 years ago. We reconciled the next day and Gina present receipts for every item sold and its price along with the money you have earned from the sale. We were so happy we wanted to cry. 

Gina, George, Matt, Linda, and the others who participated are Great People, honest, down-to-earth friendly and very professional. You can trust them with your most prized possessions and not worry an iota. If you need to sell what’s in your house and you want the best price and the best people to handle the sale contact Gina Pleshar at Remember That Estate Sales and you will be much more than just satisfied, you will be happy, relieved and a little bit richer. 

Jim and Kate Kirkland
Hinsdale Il.

Well, it has been a long winter and I was going to write on Gina's comments but did not. Now that I have realized that it is Estate Sale time again I wanted to write and say what a wonderful job Gina and her staff did at my Mom and Dad's house. You talk about pack rats, that was my dad. He did lots of wood working in his garage and much saw dust was around. After the sale was over and the clean up was done, I could not believe how the garage and the house(not as bad as the garage)looked. They had to have swept the garage forever to get it as clean as they left it. Many thanks from my sister and myself for the wonderful job that was done. We could not have done that ourselves and came out of it still friends. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and muscles.

Westmont, Il.

After moving my mom into a senior community, I still had a fair amount of stuff to get rid of in her small townhouse after 30 years of living there. I had no experience w/estate agents or sales. I just knew I needed someone I could trust to do everything and that at the end of it all, I wanted the place empty & clean as I'm still trying to sell the townhouse. And, if we made enough money to cover my mom's moving expenses, that would be wonderful. I quickly learned that not all estate agents will take such a small sale. I found Gina via her website, and I liked what I read in the "testimonial" section. She sounded like what I was looking for. When we met, she was easy to talk to, yet professional enough to trust...because at the end of the day, I was turning over to her the keys to the townhouse. She does all sizes of sales, and I never felt that my sale was getting less attention because it was smaller than some. I did turn over the keys, and returned to Wisconsin. Gina kept me informed of what was happening which really helps when you are doing something long distance. Although, I did not go to the actual sale (too hard to watch), several of my friends did and they all commented on how organized and professional the sale was. Gina made several extra trips back and forth to show items to people outside of the set sale times...she really went the extra mile to try to sell some of the larger items. When I met with her after the sale, the place was clean and empty, and we made enough to cover the moving expenses. I was completely satisfied and would recommend Gina to anyone. 

Kathy Ryan
Indian Head Park IL

Dear Gina,
 Thank You so much for helping us with our Estate sale it was really good and easy and so much 
less stress on my part. We had 51 years of stuff and trying to get rid of it myself was too much.
They came in and organized, and had a took care of everything. And cleared out the house after having a charity pick it all up.
Thank You all so much
Lombard Il

Many thanks for the outstanding job you did on my mom's house. Your professionalism,thoroughness and efficiency in organizing and conducting the sale were very impressive!
Rest assured I will be using your services again in the future.

Pat orz

Chicago, IL

I am responsible for handling Mom's estate and was looking for an expedient way to donate her cond's furnishings to be able to put the condo for sale. Unfortunately, the condo rules did not allow for an estate sale. I contacted Gina Pleshar (via the yellow pages) and she was extremely helpful and very professional in guiding me in donating the furnishings to a nonprofit organization in addition to receiving a reasonable buy-out offer. Gina was very professional and knowledgeable about my situation and worked with me to get it all done in about a week. Her consideration and empathy during this difficult time for me were much appreciated and I will definitely use her estate services when the time comes to handle my mother-in-law's furnishings, etc. In fact I have already mentioned Gina's business to a friend.

Thank you Gina!

Willowbrook, IL 

I didn't know who to call when after 48 years in the family house my mother announced that she was ready to move. Luckily, my friend who's a Realtor gave me Gina's name and number, I just had to make one phone call to get things rolling. From the moment my mother and I met Gina we knew that she was someone we could trust completely with all my parent's "pack rat" treasures. Gina and her crew worked non stop sorting the "goodies" from the junk. After the three day estate sale a charity came in and picked up any leftovers, the house was completely empty, broom clean and ready to sell. I would highly recommend Gina and Remember That Estate Sales to anyone !

Villa Park , IL

Best decision ever made! I let my father's house sit for five months before I came to the realization that I could NOT handle 
the family home, with 35+ years of stuff in it, by myself. How thankful I am that I found "Remember That" online. After one call to Gina, I already felt some of the weight lifted off my shoulders. I was completely amazed at how FAST she got the house together! The house turned into a store, everything tagged and organized and after two days everything was sold, thrown away or donated to charity. I didn't have to do a thing. Gina and her staff did a wonderful job, and my friends who attended the sale said how impressed they were to see her in action. I would recommend Gina and Remember That Estate Sales to anyone. And for those of you reading this - don't even try and do this yourself. Leave it to an expert like Gina!

Downers Grove, IL

The whole family was so pleased with the way you handled the emptying and sale of our parents home. It would have taken 
us months to do it on our own. From dumpsters, to getting the old car running, to fixing up the boat, promoting on your web site it could not have been handled any better. 
Many, many thanks, the Lenckos, Smith and Mertz family


Dan & Agnes Lenckos
Downers Grove, IL

 I didn't know if I would see you as I am going back home today I live in Paw Paw. I came to be with my Dad for the sale so he wasn't alone.
 I just wanted you to know how wonderful I think your sister Linda is and your husband is so great!
 I am so glad I called you that day as it is so hard while your grieving over your loved one to sometimes think straight. When I 
came to help my Dad it was so overwhelming my Mom had so much stuff.
 You covered the carpet and I was so impressed how organized everything was I would recommend you to anyone and I took some of your cards and will hang them up at work.

 Thank you so much you were so great!!!!!!

 Amy Olivo
Lombard, IL

The sale was quite a success! I made $1,000, but still have several large pieces to dispose of. I'm going to use Craig's List and several leads from friends to get these things out of here.
 Thanks...and thanks for the great pricing and suggestions! 

Pat O'Brien
Naperville, IL
..July 24, 2010


When our aunt unexpectedly passed away, we were faced with the difficult task of organizing and liquidating her estate. As a working artist, our aunt not only had a studio/shop, but a home full of collections she pieced together over her lifetime. The time and energy required for clean-up and organization would have been trying on our schedules. Thankfully, though, we found Gina Pieshar and Remember That!, who managed the entire process efficiently and honestly.

In addition to a huge clean-out and estate sale, Gina and her team found and returned to us non-deposited checks, important business records and also cash hidden in a piano bench! We could not have been more pleased with the process, the service and the results. Always willing to address our questions with friendliness and support, Gina and her team were the perfect company to work with. For anyone faced with the trying project of cleaning, organizing and selling an estate, there is no one we would recommend more than Remember That!

Thank you to Gina and her entire crew for a job VERY well done! We couldn't be happier. We could never have done this on our own. Gina and company were communicative throughout the process and we will happily recommend them to others. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Nancy & Tim
Chicago, IL

I want to thank Gina Pleshar for the outstanding job she performed at my estate sale. She went above and beyond in helping, organizing and giving expect advice on what to do. I could not have done this without her total support. I recommend anyone using Gina when they need an estate sale done.Patti Dietrich
Glen Ellyn

Dear Gina,
Thank you so very much for the help with my parents estate sale. You calmed their nerves at this stressful time in their lives. You and your staff organized 53 YEARS worth of memories.
I was amazed at the efficiency. You priced fairly and we were all pleased at the outcome of the sale. I appreciate all the extra care you took with my mom and dad. You even took out the garbage on the snowy night, so they wouldn't risk falling. Your kindness and thoughtfulness make you stand out from the competition. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.

 Janet Thompson
 Clarendon Hills

Dear Gina and Staff,
I just wanted to extended my sincere Thank you to all of your staff for doing such a wonderful job on the estate sale. When I realized in February what a nightmare I was walking into ( two thirty yard dumpster's of newspapers and lot of stuff still in the house ) I was out of my mind. I called several estate sale places and after they would see it they would decline to do it but not you. You came in from the beginning with a smile on your face and a big heart and said "sure we will do it!" with no hesitation. You put up with all the craziness that my family and I were going thru and never had anything but positive things to say. You made money for us and I know you made very little for you and your staff profit wise. When it was over I gave what was left to that wonderful charity (Reach for the moon ) and they did a wonderful job cleaning everything up and left me with a wonderful feeling in my heart that a lot of good came out of lots of negative. I will never have enough good words to say about you and your staff but I do hope that all the good you do comes back to you a million times over.THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO ALL OF YOU!! 

Downers Grove, IL

Dear Gina and Staff,
Our realtor recommended Gina and Remember That Estate Sales after our Mom recently passed away and we were trying to sort 
through over 50 years of memories.We live in Ohio, which made things more difficult. Gina and her staff handled everything from sorting through and organizing all the rooms in the house.It has been a very emotional time for us and Gina and her staff made everything worry free on our end.They are all very professional and efficient. We appreciate all your hard work 
and organization.Also, making arrangements to have a charity pick up the remaining furniture and household items was a great help.You guys are the best!
Thanks for everything.
Mark and Pam
Western Springs

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